We provide customers with high-quality used machines!

At Ist Co., Ltd., our experienced technical staff perform the maintenance, cleaning and packing of used machines. This allows our customers to comfortably use the machines we deliver for a long time.

From arrival to shipment of product

Arrival of product

An arrived product (machine) is checked for proper operation. If any problems are found, they will be repaired.

Any significant rust or other surface contaminants will be removed by careful filing, and then repainted.


After the operation test has finished, the machine will be cleaned thoroughly using detergent and other cleaning materials.

Cleaning is performed very carefully by disassembling the small parts, so that every corner of the product will be perfectly cleaned. The same steps will be followed for the machine with a hopper.

Assembling and operation verification

Finally assembling is performed, which ends the maintenance.

After all maintenance steps are completed, the operation will be verified again. The machine is packed carefully and stored for shipment.