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Company name IST CO., LTD
Head office 7-51-12-202, Nishi-Kamata, Ohta-Ku, Tokyo, 144-0051, JAPAN
Warehouse No.1 1164, Kurami, Samukawa-cho, Kozagun, Kanagawa, 253-0101, Japan
Warehouse No.2 2-6-1, Shinzaike, Settsu-shi, Osaka, 566-0055, Japan
Phone +81-3-5744-3777
Established 13 / Nov / 2003
Countries of our clients South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Myanmar, New Zealand, Australia, UAE, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus, Russia, the United States, Hawaii, South America, etc.
Staff in charge of sales Otani and Sato


We sell a variety of used arcade game machines, which have been made in Japan (Sega, Namco, Taito, Konami, Hope, etc.).

We have a track record of over 10 years in selling those machines both in Japan and abroad. Our experienced engineers provide the maintenance service, allowing us to sell high-quality products to customers.

In addition to arcade game machines, we deal with many products relating to arcade game machines such as boards and parts.

Our website provides the most up-to-date information. For more detailed information, please contact us via e-mail or phone.


Head office

Warehouse No.1

Warehouse No.2